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Michelle Katz
Community Health Blogger

Healthcare savings expert, Michelle Katz, MSN, has been interviewed in several news markets on various healthcare issues and has been a featured healthcare expert on several stations, including CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.  She is the host and producer of Today's Health, was a Celebrity Guru for LifeTips as well as a healthcare contributor for EONS.  Her healthcare savings tips and advice can be read all over the intenet and now, WUSA brings her to you; up close and personal with all that is going on in your community in regards to healthcare.

Katz received her master's degree in nursing from Georgetown University after recovering from a severe car accident when she did not have health insurance and navigated her way through the healthcare system -- with minimal bills in the end. Her story of survival and advice has been heard on countless radio stations across the country. More recently, she saved the life of a loved one and simultaneously avoided healthcare debt with some of her simple healthcare savings tips described in both Healthcare for Less and 101 Health insurance Tips.

She currently lives in Washington, DC, lecturing on saving money in healthcare and educating others on Medicare and other aspects of healthcare throughout the country; sharing inspirational stories she has collected over the years of dodging healthcare debt, maintaining one's health, and new trends and practices in the healthcare industry.