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Photo Gallery | The Real-Life Rudy Appears at Movie Premier in Reston

Last night was the world movie premier of The Mighty Macs, an inspiring and true sports story, at the Bow Tie Cinemas at Reston Town Center.

Rudy Ruettiger, motivational speaker and former football player for the University of Notre Dame, was there to speak on the importance of pursuing dreams.  Ruettiger is best known as the inspiration for the motion picture, Rudy, decided to support the movie The Might Macs because he loves what it represents.

“It is not an easy thing to tell your own story,” said Ruettinger, who spent ten years in Hollywood trying to get his story on the big screens until finally someone listened.

"Tonight is all about another movie that represents going for the dream and not living in regret. Most people never go after their dreams," added Ruettiger.
The Executive Producer, Sean Wolfington, and the filmmaker, Tim Chambers, were also in attendance.

"The Might Macs is a film about the potential of the human spirit," said Wolfington.

Watch the video to hear from Rudy and the Executive Producer of The Mighty Macs, Sean Wolfington.