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Virginia State Board of Elections Results

Yesterday the Primary Elections in two of the City's State Senate Districts were held. The August 2011 unofficial primary election results have been posted. 


The next General Election will be on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. On that date all of the representatives to the Virginia General Assembly (the Virginia State Senate and the House of Delegates) will be elected, as well as the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Absentee voting for these elections begins Friday, September 23.


Are You A Weiner, A Whiner, Or A Winner?

Are You A Weiner, A Whiner, Or A Winner?

With more than 14 million Americans currently looking for work, it is definitely a buyer’s market out there.  Companies understandably want to hire the best candidates they can find.  With so many people to choose among, businesses are looking beyond black-and-white credentials such as education and experience to identify prospective employees who bring something more to the table, such as basic common sense. 

In this regard, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s recent fall from grace should serve as an object lesson for anyone who has a job...and especially for anyone who is seeking a job. 

Loudoun Continues Opposition to MWAA Dulles Rail Station Decision

Loudoun Continues Opposition to MWAA Dulles Rail Station Decision

From Loudoun County -- The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has taken action on several fronts in its continued opposition to the decision of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Board of Directors in favor of an underground alignment for the proposed Metrorail station at Dulles International Airport.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Board of Supervisors directed the County Administrator to seek additional information from MWAA and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority regarding the potential impacts on Dulles Metrorail, the operations at Dulles Airport, and any possible extension further into Loudoun County should the Board vote to opt out of the funding agreement for Phase 2 of the project.

Modus Union Uniting Members of Congress, Philanthropic Community, & Fashion Industry for One Night

Modus Union Uniting Members of Congress,  Philanthropic Community, & Fashion Industry for One Night

Members of Congress, local athletes, philanthropists and the fashion industry are assembling for DC’s Modus Union Spring 2011 – a unique event supporting prevention and early detection of cancer in women.

Modus Union Spring 2011 features a full runway show by acclaimed fashion designer Marc Bouwer (www.MarcBouwer.com), a 3-D film presentation previewing Bouwer’s Fall 2011 line, and an art installation and silent auction featuring some of the most talented visual artists in DC. The proceeds from this one-of-a-kind gathering will benefit Cancer Schmancer (www.CancerSchmancer.org), an organization founded by actress Fran Drescher to prevent cancer in women through education and early detection.

WHAT:          Modus Union Spring 2011

WHEN:          Wednesday, May 4

Spend It Like It’s Your Own

Spend It Like It’s Your Own

You may have heard that tempers are flaring over the planned metro station at Dulles. According to news reports, the board at Dulles International Airport stands behind its decision to build an underground station because it would be more 1) convenient for travelers, and 2) attractive than an above ground station.

So, it behooves us to ask about the degree of perceived inconvenience. How would using an above ground metro station compare with:

Bridging the Generation Gap in Egypt and the American Workplace

The historical transfer of power in Egypt has seen the departure of an entrenched 82-year-old dictator and a movement toward a democratically elected government where young Egyptians will have a major voice in politics and policies of the future.  A major key to a successful transition that will allow Egypt to move forward as a stable, innovative nation lies in respect and understanding between generations.

The same is true with American businesses.

Innovation is the intersection of the past and present that leads to the future.  That’s why it is so important that business leaders publicly acknowledge the contribution of each generation, applaud the unique strengths brought to the table by workers of different ages, and encourage everyone to share their viewpoints as a way to make a strong team even stronger.