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Firefighters Check Smoke Alarms, Provide Home Escape Plans

From the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department:

On Saturday, November 6, 2010, from 9 a.m. to noon, firefighters will canvas homes in selected neighborhoods throughout Fairfax County, checking for working smoke alarms, and providing family fire escape plans for residents.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department will partner with the U.S. Fire Administration in supporting the Install. Inspect. Protect. Campaign. The initiative emphasizes smoke alarms, escape plans, and home safety walk-through to eliminate fire hazards from homes.

A working smoke alarm can help you and your family to escape a deadly fire. It can also help save the lives of firefighters who would otherwise have to risk their lives by searching a burning home for residents. A working smoke alarm continuously scans the air for smoke, 24/7. It never sleeps.

Police Looking For Bank Robber

RESTON, Va. (WUSA) -- Fairfax County Police say one man is responsible for multiple bank robberies.

Capital One Bank, on 9883 Georgetown Pike, was robbed Tuesday, by a man waving a gun at tellers, police said.

The same man robbed the Presidential Bank at 1675 Reston Parkway, Thursday October 21st, police said.

Police are trying to link the man to a bank robbery in Loudoun County, on October 6th, as well.

Police say in both cases, the suspect was described as a white male in his late
20s. He was 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed
approximately 150 to 180 pounds. He wore a black coat, black gloves, and
black sunglasses.

No one was injured in the robberies. However, police say the man is armed and he may be dangerous.

Reston Community Center Receives Statewide VRPS Award

From Reston Community Center:

RESTON, VA —The Virginia Recreation and Parks Society (VRPS) recently presented an award for the "Best Promotional Effort-Flyer" to the Reston Community Center (RCC) for its ESL Courses Brochure at its 56th Annual Conference held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center this past September.

“RCC is delighted and honored that the excellence of our promotional efforts has been recognized at the state-wide level,” said Leila Gordon, RCC Executive Director.  “At RCC, we strive to deliver a full spectrum of high-quality, enriching programs to our community.  Of course, all the best programs in the world can’t be successful if people do not know about them; so our communications efforts are as important to us as program planning."

Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Takes Shape

MCLEAN, Va.  (WUSA) - The $3 billion first phase of the Dulles Metrorail project is well-underway with the most visible bridge structures high above Route 123.

Phase One, which extends Metro's Orange line 11.7 miles from Falls Church to Weihle Avenue in Reston is set to open in 2013.

A huge yellow truss is being used to move the concrete segments up into place to form the bridges. Underground between the two Tysons Corner shopping centers, a 1,700 foot tunnel is being constructed.   Part of the tunnel not under any roads was built by just digging down.  But the larger part that goes under the intersection of Route 123 and International Drive is being bored out to avoid too much traffic disruption.

Be Alert For Deer

From the Fairfax County Police Department:

Police caution motorists to stay alert for deer in the roadways.

Virginia was ranked among the top10 states in the nation for deer/vehicle collisions in 2009. The vast majority of these collisions occur during the deer breeding season between now and early January. Motorists should pay close attention and remain alert at all times, especially at dawn and dusk when deer are active and are likely to be seen quickly entering roadways in herds. Police are posting a mobile sign board on roads where deer/vehicle collisions have been reported in recent weeks, such as Braddock Road and Pleasant Valley Road.

Safety tips for motorists include:

Virginia History Textbook Said To Contain Big Lie

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) - It's well known, thanks to the movie Glory, that black soldiers fought for the Union. In the Confederate Army, historians say thousands of slaves worked as laborers, not as soldiers, but a new fourth grade textbook, "Our Virginia: Past and Present," has a different take.

"The people in Richmond who approved this book should be fired," said Jeremy Mayer, George Mason University Public Policy Associate Professor. "What do you have a credentialling board for textbooks for if not to catch howling errors?"

He and many historians are outraged about this line in the book, "Thousands of Southern blacks fought in the Confederate ranks, including two black battalions under the command of Stonewall Jackson."

Free Cupcakes Today In Reston

WASHINTON DC (WUSA) -- When new shops open, the latest trend is to do food giveaways to brings folks into the shop.  That's happening Friday, Oct. 22 with the grand opening of a fifth Red Velvet Cupcakery location in Reston.  Red Velvet is giving out free cupcakes in honor of the occasion, between 11 am and 11 pm. The store expects to hand out up to 6,000 cupcakes.

Yesterday, Pinkberry was handing out free yogurt for the opening of its new Fairfax Corner location.