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Wiki Leaks and Whistleblowers: Why Private Information Goes Public

Ask an average person to name a whistleblower and they’re likely to think of ‘private citizens’ like Erin Brokovich, Karen Silkwood, and Jeffrey Wigand or journalists like Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward.  These red, white and blue American whistleblowers have been portrayed in Academy Award-winning movies as admirable people who had the courage to reveal wrongdoing in workplaces and government agencies in a spirit of justice.  

But are there other motivations that drive people to release sensitive documents and information that bring down companies and governments?  I believe the answer is yes.  Fame is certainly a motivator...and so is vengeance.  Employers in the private and public sectors that stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the link between employee engagement and corporate security are likely to find themselves the victims of leaks. 

Raising the Roof at North Hills Pavilion

Raising the Roof at North Hills Pavilion

From the Reston Association:

On Thursday, December 16, crews will begin raising the upper part of the roof of the North Hills Pavilion to make repairs.  A crane will be brought in on Thursday to raise the roof so the repairs can begin.

Fairfax County Police Department Offer Online Shopping Safety Discussion

Fairfax County Police Department Offer Online Shopping Safety Discussion

From Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs:

It's the holiday season and millions of us are cybershopping from our homes rather than facing the overwhelming crowds and traffic. But do you know how to shop online safely? There can be risks, but there are precautions you can take. Learn more by joining financial crime detectives from the Police Department at 1 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 17, with your questions and concerns about online shopping and conducting safe online financial transactions.

You can submit a question now.

DC Bartender wins National Model Search

DC Bartender wins National Model Search


Dominion Virginia Power Weatherization Event Supports Reston Interfaith

From Reston Interfaith:

Dominion Virginia Power volunteers will make weatherization improvements to seven Four Season transitional townhomes in Herndon and the Embry Rucker Community Shelter (ERCS) in Reston.  Volunteers will make improvements such as attic insulation, duct sealing, window frame sealing, floor-at-wall sealing, replacing door weather strips, insulating switch and receptacle cavities, and replacing old thermostats with new programmable models.  Resources to complete the weatherization are being made possible through support of the Dominion Foundation.

Angie Goff and Husband Welcome Baby Home

RESTON, Va. (WUSA) --  After five days in the hospital recovering from a cesarean birth, Angie Goff and her husband Robert Ellis, brought their new baby home.

Like all new parents, they now know firsthand what the expression "the miracle of birth" feels like.

"To actually see your own flesh. A little human. To have her look at your with her little eyes. There's nothing that can explain that," said Goff.

She's already has me wrapped around my finger. "She's so cute, I could just stare at her all day," said Ellis.

Her name is Adora Kate Ellis. Adora was Angie's grandmother's name.

"We lost her this summer. So we thought we'd honor our baby by naming her after a great woman," said Goff.

To go with her beautiful name, Adora already has a two-closet wardrobe filled beautiful dresses, several handmade by one of Angie's many fans. Adora has shoes to match every outfit, 26 pairs to be exact, and several fancy coats.

Number of FCPS Students Taking AP and IB Exams Continues to Rise

Number of FCPS Students Taking AP and IB Exams Continues to Rise

From Fairfax County Public Schools: