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Going Green Can Be Stress Free | Home & Garden

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Going Green Can Be Stress Free
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For some people going green can be stressful.  Many of us see environmental consciousness as another project to add to a  never-ending and always growing to do list. Other thoughts I’ve heard are: What’s it going to cost?  I don’t have the time for this; everyone else is doing it so I don’t have to bother…one person won’t make a difference. 

     Well, let’s clear up these negative misconceptions.  Yes, you do make a difference.  A positive difference!  And yes, it will make a difference in your life, in your health, and for future generations. Think of your kids and grandkids! Remember, when you light a candle and then light many other candles from that original flame, you will not diminish the light of the original candle…you can light up the world from the original flame.  How’s that for the power of one?

     My philosophy is that if something feels too big, if it feels overwhelming, chunk it down.  You don’t have to do everything at once.  Take chunks or baby steps instead of a grand leap.  Keep moving forward!

     For example, start by replacing your current non-green products with green products as you run out of them.  You can do this for the products you use inside your home as well as outside your home.  If there is a price difference, it’s more manageable to shift to green one product at a time.

     Going green is healthier for us, now and in the future.  By laying the seeds in the present, we all can build a brighter future.

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