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Flooding Safety Tips and Previous Flooding Locations
Flooding Safety Tips and Previous Flooding Locations

From Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department:


Flash flooding of roads, streams, and other low-lying areas during heavy and prolonged rainfall can be dangerous. This is especially true for motorists attempting to negotiate a roadway that cannot be easily seen because of high water and limited visibility. Flooding due to high rainfall and swollen streams can take its toll on the unsuspecting driver. The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department offers the following safety tips when flooding is forecasted and locations of past flooding areas. 

Never drive through a flooded roadway; the depth, current, and condition of the road are all unknowns and can be deadly.

If you come to a flooded area while driving, stop and take an alternate route.

If your vehicle stalls on a flooded road and water is rising, get out of car, call 911, and move to higher ground.

Always stay away from floodwaters; even six inches of swiftly moving water can knock someone off their feet.

Approximately two feet of swift water can move or float most vehicles, including SUV’s and pickup trucks.

Never let children near flooded areas.

When flooding is predicted, keep your vehicle parked in your garage or on the driveway away from low-lying areas and large drains.

Be especially cautious during periods of limited visibility or nighttime when it is extremely difficult to see and judge conditions.


Previous County Flooding Locations:

Georgetown Pike/Swinks Mill Road)

Swinks Mill Road/Burford Drive

Georgetown Pike/Lawton Street

Besley Road/Old Court House Road

Lawyers Road/Whippoorwill Road

Knollwood Drive/Glen Carlyn Drive

Popkins Lane/Coventry Road

George Washington Mem Pkwy/Duke Marsh

Bellhaven Community/Fort Hunt Road

Walker Road/Windswept Drive

Leigh Mill Road/White Chimney Lane

Shreve Road/Bucklew Drive

Burke Road/Liberty Bell Court

Guinea Road/Colony View Drive

Burke Lake Road/Kilenny Lane

Lee Jackson Mem Hwy/Airline Pkwy

Stringfellow Road/Melville Road

Old Lee Road/Braddock Road

Walney Road/Willard Road

Fairfax Station Road/Innsvale Drive

Chapel Road/Sangsters Court

Lee Highway/Sandy Point Lane

Lee Highway/Clifton Road

Lee Highway/Bradley Road

Richmond Highway/Lorton Road

Old Colchester Road/Pohick Creek

Old Colchester Road/Hassett Street

Fair Oaks Shopping Center/holding pond

Lee Jackson Mem Hwy/Waples Mill Road

Backlick Road/Cumberland Avenue

Guinea Road/Bayard Place

Woodburn Road/Spicewood Drive

Prosperity Avenue/Morningside Drive

Prosperity Avenue/Eakin Park

Old Mill Road/golf course

Richmond Highway/north of Route 235

Ferry Landing Road/Old Mt. Vernon Road

Browns Mill Road/Pennycress Lane

Browns Mill Road/Windstone Drive

Hunter Mill Road/Chamberlain Drive

Hunter Station Road/Hunter Mill Road

Hunter Mill Road/near Cedar Pond Drive

Edsall Road/Industrial Drive

Cherokee Avenue/Navaho Drive

Old Keene Mill Road/Jansen Drive

Huntsman Boulevard/Sydenstricker Road

Patterson Drive/Beachway Drive

Bellview Road/Old Dominion Drive

Brooke Road/Daleview Drive

Spring Hill Road/Georgetown Pike

Lewinsville Road/Holly Leaf Drive

Chichester Lane/Copeland Pond Court

Fox Mill Road/Folkstone Drive

Fox Mill Road/Thoroughbred Road

Newington Road/Cinder Bed Road

Braddock Road/Pleasant Valley Road

Springvale Road/Crippen Court

Stuart Road/Gillman Lane

Chain Bridge Road/Lee Highway

For more information, call Daniel L. Schmidt or Captain I Willie F. Bailey, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, 703-246-3801 and TTY: 711. Fairfax County is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in all county programs, services and activities. Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request.

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