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Parks Focus on Water Safety as Pool Open | Families

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Parks Focus on Water Safety as Pool Open
Parks Focus on Water Safety as Pool Open

From Fairfax County:

As pools open Memorial Day weekend throughout the region, the Fairfax County Park Authority recognizes that May is National Water Safety Month and encourages everyone to be safe!

Are you and your children water safe? Did you know that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children? In support of National Water Safety Awareness Month the Park Authority encourages everyone to follow some basic water safety tips that could save a life!

Each year there are nearly 3,500 deaths due to drowning in the United States alone. Drowning is preventable! Join us in our effort to stop drowning from happening. The Fairfax County Park Authority offers a wide range of swimming lessons for children and adults. For more information about swimming lessons and a complete list of classes see Parktakes On Line.

Water Safety Tips:

  • SUPERVISION. Always have adult supervision even in the presence of lifeguards. All preschool-aged children and non-swimmers should have adult a providing ¡§touch supervision¡¨ within arm¡¦s reach at all times.
  • BUDDY SYSTEM. Always swim with a buddy or a lifeguard present no matter your swimming ability.
  • WARNINGS WITH FLOATIES & FLOAT SUITS. Do not rely on air-filled or foam toys, ¡§water wings¡¨ or inner tubes for flotation; have your children fitted and always wear a lifejacket. Swimsuits with flotation built-in can provide a false-sense of swimming ability and do not provide appropriate flotation when left unsupervised.
  • SECURE YOUR PRIVATE POOL. Remove deck toys and other attractive nuances that would entice your children to play around the pool or lean over the edge. Provide a fence around the pool when possible.
  • LEARN TO SWIM. The Park Authority offers a wide variety of group and private lessons for people of all ages and ability. Sign-up for a class today!
  • LEARN CPR. Time is precious while waiting for EMS. CPR performed by bystanders drastically improves the outcome of drowning victims.

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