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Lowering Lake for Repairs | Environment

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Lowering Lake for Repairs
Lowering Lake for Repairs

RESTON — The water level of Lake Anne is being lowered over the next few days so repairs can be made to the concrete spillway riser ,located beneath the water near Wiehle Avenue.

According to Reston Association's watershed supervisor Nicki Bellezza, the repairs were recommended by engineers. Bellezza says that while the water level is lowered, mud flats will be around the perimeter of the lake.

Lake Anne residents who have boats are advised those will rest on the dry lake bottom until the water level returns to normal, which should take about six weeks, once the gates are closed. Boat owners are asked to make sure cables, chains or tethers have enough slack, so when the water recedes, it will not put stress on the tock or mooring structure.

The text of a letter sent to Lake Anne residents is below.  For more details on the project, click here.

Dear Lake Anne Resident:
Starting today, Nov. 14, 2011, Lake Anne’s water level will be lowered approximately two feet to permit the repair of the concrete spillway riser, located near Wiehle Ave.  These repairs are recommended by our engineers.
While the water is down there will be mud flats around the perimeter of the lake.  If you have a boat, it will rest on the dry lake bottom until the water comes back to normal level, which should take about six weeks after the gates are closed.  Please make sure your cable, chain or tether has enough slack so that when the water recedes it won’t put stress on your dock or mooring structure.
This lower water level offers an opportunity to repair docks and bulkheads and perform shoreline maintenance.  Remember, any new construction, or alteration to existing structures, requires approval by the Design Review Board under our protective covenants. A list of contractors is available at www.reston.org under lakes.
I am sorry for the short notice; our contractors were able to start working earlier than expected and hope to be finished by Nov. 23.
Please contact me with any concerns at (703) 435-6560.
Nicki Belezza
Watershed Supervisor
Reston Association

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