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5 Tips for Greening the Closet | Environment

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5 Tips for Greening the Closet
5 Tips for Greening the Closet

With Earth Day just around the corner, it is a good time to think about greening the home. One place that most people overlook when trying to make environmentally friendly choices is the closet. While it may be tucked way and largely out of site, the closet can play an important role in creating an environmentally friendly home. Greening the closet is not only important, but is actually quite easy!

“Our closets hold so much of who we are, from the clothes we wear on a daily basis to the special vintage items we want to preserve,” says Fred Silber of Creative Organization, a New Jersey-based company that has created a line of sustainable, eco-friendly closet organizing products. “Because they tend to hold so much, and such a variety of things, it is important to make sure that it is an area of the home that is not overlooked when trying to live in an environmentally friendly way.”

Here are five tips to keep in mind when greening the closet:

1. Reuse. When it comes time to clean out the closet, or to make way for new items, avoid the urge to trash all those old clothes. Instead, put them in a box and drop it off at a local thrift store or organization that accepts such donations. This will keep the clothes out of a landfill, which is better for the planet.

2. Reduce. While shopping for new clothes, try to cut back on the amount that is purchased in the first place. We often have a tendency to over-buy, which is not good for the environment’s resources (or our pocketbook). Buy less, wear it more, and be sure to wash it in detergents that don’t contain harsh chemicals. There are several options on the store shelves today. They are better to have against a person’s skin all day, and better for the world’s water supply.

3. Consider. While most people give no thought to the material of their clothing, it actually plays a major role in having an environmentally friendly closet. Some materials are much easier on the environment in the way they are produced, such as organic cotton, recycled fibers and bamboo. These materials usually take far fewer pesticides and chemicals to produce.

4. Avoid. There are some things that should be avoided in a green closet, such as VOC paints. They contain compounds that can give people headaches just from the fumes. As people enter their closet, or sleep near it at night, it can wreak havoc on their respiratory system.

5. Sustainable. When organizing your closet, opt for organizing options that are sustainable and eco-friendly. There are sustainable options for everything from shoe racks to tie hangers and more. Sustainable products ensure that a resource will be replenished, rather than depleted.

Creative Organization has a line of sustainable closet organizers that are made from cedar. Their eco-friendly products are effective at absorbing moisture, naturally repelling insects, and helping to maintain the freshness in the closet. Their products have all been made from environmentally friendly, sustainable cedar.

“A lot has changed over the years, in closets, and one of the best moves is to make them environmentally friendly,” added Silber. “Greening the closet is a great step to take on this Earth Day and beyond!”

About Creative Organization

Creative Organization™ was launched in 2011 by industry veteran Fred Silber, who brings nearly 30 years of expertise at representing various manufacturers and developing private-label programs to this new venture. As a home organization company specializing in products which offer great design, functionality and superior quality, Creative Organization™ promotes their products under five of their strongest brands including: Sustainable Cedar Products™, Eco-Friendly Products, Auto Interiors, Destination Organization™ and Simply Life. Emphasizing performance characteristics coupled with unique applications and superior packaging, Creative has energized the businesses with a fresh approach and new meaning. For more information on Creative Organization™, please visit www.creativeorganization.org.

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