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Hunter Mill District Snow Removal
Hunter Mill District Snow Removal

RESTON, Va. -- The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is gearing up for the winter season in the Northern Virginia District. There have been several changes since last year’s winter season planning. VDOT has increased the amount of snow removal equipment from 2,800 pieces to 3,400 pieces with 2500 dedicated for subdivisions/ local roads. Staff has allocated an additional $19 million dollars to the Northern Virginia District for the winter season. 

One of the new innovations VDOT has added to snow plow trucks are automatic vehicle locators or AVLs. These devices enable staff to track snow plow trucks while working for quality assurance and increased flexibility for emergency situations. There are 1200 vehicles within the fleet that participate within the AVL pilot program. VDOT will introduce a new website that will allow the public to monitor truck locations within 6 minute inter-vals. This tool will be available when trucks will be plowing in subdivision/residential streets. VDOT will be de-veloping a fact sheet in the coming weeks to address specific questions about the snow removal process. For additional information, please visit http://www.virginiadot.org or contact the Hunter Mill District office.

This information is courtesy of Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins.

Reston Association also clears 55 miles of neighborhood and connecting trails, as well as adjacent sidewalks. If you live in Reston and have questions regarding snow removal, please review the frequently asked questions below or contact Reston Association Central Services at 703-435-6530.

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