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Your One Fashion Resolution for 2011 | Style

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Your One Fashion Resolution for 2011
Your One Fashion Resolution for 2011

If you only have one fashion resolution for the New Year, let it be this: only buy things that make you feel fantastic. It may sound simplistic, but many times people purchase things that they are just "eh" about. Sometimes those purchases are made for very practical reasons - lack of time / money / energy, or it is just difficult to find clothing that fits correctly. But, one purchase that is just "okay" leads to more purchases that "will do"....and that leads to an entire closet of "meh" clothing. It's one of the reasons people can have an entire closet full of clothes, yet feel like they have nothing to wear.

I once worked with a client who had a breakthrough about only buying things that made her feel fantastic. We were working in her closet trying on different pieces when she came to her Burberry trench coat. Her entire body changed when she put on the coat - she looked excited, happy, and comfortable. She said, "I just love this jacket!" I told her, "Everything that you buy needs to make you feel like that Burberry coat."

This concept is not about spending lots of money on designer pieces. It's about how you feel when you put something on.

Do this exercise: find your favorite item in your wardrobe and wear it this week. Pay close attention to how you feel when you wear it. What words come to mind? Sexy? Gorgeous? Great fit? Write those words down and take them with you when you go shopping. When you look at a piece that you are considering purchasing does it evoke those same feelings? If not, skip it.

Granted, you may not find exactly the right piece of clothing 100% of the time. But, the exercise above and the question, "Does this make me feel fantastic?" can cut down on shopping mistakes and ultimately save you money. It also means you can start building a wardrobe full of items that you love.

There is a great quote by Julie Klausner that states, "...I can confidently pass up opportunities that don't make sense because there'll be better ones on the horizon, even if I have to wait." I think her statement even applies to clothing. So, confidently pass up that skirt that is "eh," because there will be one on the horizon that makes you feel amazing.

And, you deserve an amazing 2011 in every way possible.


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