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Stealthy Burglar Strikes Again | News

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Stealthy Burglar Strikes Again

OAKTON, Va. (WUSA) -- Nearly 90 actual or attempted home and car break-ins have Fairfax County Police searching for a serial burglar.

The crimes have happened mainly in Reston, Fair Oaks, Mclean and Sully.

But on Friday, the burglar hit the Annandale area. Police say there were three break-ins and one attempted break-in on Prosperity Avenue and Morningside Drive.

Police believe they are all connected and the thief or thieves strike mainly between midnight and 6 a.m.

The first break-ins happened August 6th and the most recent happened Friday morning, October 1st.

Eight of the break-ins happened Thursday morning in the Oakton and Fair Oaks area.

Jan Dombroff has gone to great length's to secure her home.
She has a metal gate, surveillance cameras, even a doberman guard dog trained in Germany and three terriers. They were no match for the stealthy intruder.

Dombroff says, "Yet they walked in my house this morning. I'm upstairs in my bedroom with my dogs and they walked into my house."

Not only was she asleep when the intruder snuck in she didn't know she had been broken into, until police arrived.

She found her purse downstairs with her wallet gone.
Investigators dusted for shoe prints inside the home.
Dombroff's back door was locked but in most cases people have left their doors or windows open.

The crook or thieves are mainly going after money but recently they stole two handguns.
In all the cases residents have been home asleep.

Captain Steve Thompson says, "The fact that they are occupied while the break-ins occur is our greatest concern. If it's prolonged the concern grows that the homeowner will encounter the intruder."

That's exactly the fear that comes to mind for Dombroff. "What if I walked downstairs and there's a guy in my kitchen . I'm almost happy I didn't hear anything."

Dombroff has hired armed guards for the next week in case intruders decide to strike again.

Police do not know how many thieves are committing the crimes.

The Fair Oaks police station is holding a community meeting Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. at Waples Mill Elementary School.

On Friday, there is another community meeting at
Fairfview Elementary School at 8 p.m.

Concerned citizens are being urged to attend.

Written by Surae Chinn
9NEWS NOW & wusa9.com


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