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Securing Your Home

GREAT FALLS, Va. (WUSA) - "We need to get in habit of doing these things," said Master Police Officer Patrick Lucas who is a crime prevention specialist.   He says people need to remember to make sure their doors are locked and their garage doors are closed before leaving home or going to sleep.

The serial burglar, who may responsible for as many as 100 break-ins or attempted break-in through Northern Virginia, uses the path of least resistance.  He's entered most homes through unlocked doors.

"He seems to be very cash-driven oriented only," said Officer Lucas.  It may be more than one thief or  copy cat thieves.  The thief is using gloves, leaving behind little forensic evidence.  He is generally not stealing property  or credit cards, both of which could be traced back to the owner.

What's most puzzling is that he's never been seen.  He has hit homes in Loudoun, Prince William and Fairfax Counties, breaking in and stealing mostly money, under the cover of night.  The hours are usually between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 

Lucas says make sure you have dead bolt locks on your doors, and make sure they have three inch screws into the plates.  

Clear out your landscaping so that a thief is unable to hide behind it.  Don't leave ladders outside.  Two nights ago in Vienna, Virginia, the burglar used a ladder to get to a kitchen window that was open.  He slit the screen, climbed in, and stole a purse on the table.

Officer Lucas advises getting your neighbors together to start a neighborhood watch program.  You can call your local police department to find out how to do it.

Written by Peggy Fox
9NEWS NOW & wusa9.com


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