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Fixing Bridges In Storm's Aftermath | News

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Fixing Bridges In Storm's Aftermath

VIENNA, Va. (WUSA) -- In the storm's aftermath, VDOT crews were busy trying to fix what heavy rain and flooding left behind.

In Vienna and Mclean two bridges buckled.  Crews didn't waste anytime Thursday morning fixing the bridge at Browns Mill Road and Beulah Road.  Just this morning, the crumbled street had branches popping out of it, but by noon time it was passable.

It was more complicated at Swinks Mill Road near Georgetown Pike.


A massive tree came down on a fire hydrant knocking out water for residents.  It also damaged part of the bridge structure.

The fix won't be completed until Friday.


Some residents say they've been through this all before. 

Courtenay Hamilton says it's like clockwork, "They're going to fix it so it's passable. They'll just put another layer of asphalt over what's already been there years before.  To me this is just a band aid fix.  Why can't they widen it and raise it?"

VDOT says that's not an easy solution. VDOT spokesperson Jennifer McCord says, "You're talking about a scenic area and changing it.  You have to raise the road and the bridge. You can't just raise the bridge without changing the road. It will impact residents, especially when we have to take property."

VDOT says laying new asphalt costs about ten thousand dollars but replacing a bridge would cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

In the meantime, VDOT says they are responsible for cleaning the debris around the bridges.  But residents can help out by clearing branches on their property that's next to rivers and creeks.

The river lived up to its name, Difficult Run, flows under both damaged bridges.


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