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Lake Anne Yields 'Lost Treasures'

Lake Anne Yields 'Lost Treasures'

RESTON, Va. -- You have to wonder how some things end up in certain places.  Take for example, the odd assortment of items that found their way to the bottom of Lake Anne.  A statue of Buddha, a small cannon, a 1966 license plate, a lantern, a Dell laptop, a dog toy and the frame of a Kawasaki motorcycle were discovered when Reston’s oldest lake was lowered in order to make repairs to the concrete spillway.  See all the photos.

Brian Petty, Reston Association Watershed Specialist found the items.

“As I surveyed the exposed lake bottom on foot, I found interesting lost treasures. Some items are quite old,” Petty said. 

He cleaned them as best he could and took some pictures.  Petty also found an assortment of what appeared to be bowls and flower vases.

Fairfax County Residents Find Chemical Bombs in Mailboxes

Fairfax County Officials have reported at least eight homemade chemical bombs in mailboxes since May 2010. These bombs have shown up in Northern Virginia mailboxes and front yards in residential areas of Reston and West Springfield.

The chemical bombs are being made with chemicals such as baking soda and Drano and some of the explosives even contain shredded aluminum. While no one has been injured by the bombs, they could potentially cause serious harm to people, as well as damage property. The Fairfax County police and fire officials are working together to warn area residents and are looking into those individuals responsible. Many community residents believe that a group of local teens are responsible for the incidents.