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Local Pizza Joint Holds an Unforgettable Facebook Contest | Community Spirit

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Local Pizza Joint Holds an Unforgettable Facebook Contest
Local Pizza Joint Holds an Unforgettable Facebook Contest

Paisano’s, a local gourmet pizzeria, has gained about 1,500 fans on their Facebook page in the last 3 days. Paisanos owner, Foud Qreitem, decided a Bon Jovi concert ticket give-away would be a great way to increase the number of “likes” on their Facebook Page. What started off as a fun competition to win the tickets quickly turned into a nasty battle, and then soon after a remarkable story about compassion.

Brian Clements and his wife, Kathleen, have been going through a difficult time lately because Brian was recently diagnosed with serious heart issues and needs major surgery. Kathleen noticed the contest Paisanos Pizza was holding a contest on her Facebook feed and was determined to get the concert tickets. The contest ran like this: You had to post why you want the tickets and whoever got the most “likes” would win the 2 tickets. Clements wanted to win the tickets for his wife, so he posted “If I don’t win the tickets, I will be Shot in the Heart by my wife,” which played off of a Bon Jovi song, as well as expressed an underlying message about his recent heart struggles.

Soon comments were flying, and passion was rising on the Facebook Fan Page; “some people even got nasty,” said Kathleen Clements. The top two contenders for the tickets ended up being Brian Clements, and Kristin Short. Short’s mother recently died of cancer, and she ended up winning the tickets yesterday morning with 216 “likes”. Paisanos’s owner was so touched by the two stories that he decided to give up his own personal tickets to the Clements. Foud posted a video to the fan page yesterday afternoon announcing the fact he would be giving his tickets to Brian and Kathleen. The Clements were in the hospital when the video was posted, but were quickly bombarded with messages and calls from family and friends. Today they both expressed overwhelming gratitude for Foud's gesture of kindness. 

Yesterday Kathleen had sent a message to Kristin Short, the contest winner, to apologize for the rudeness that was coming from people through Facebook comments after they didn’t win the tickets. She didn’t want things to be hostile, and told Kristin she was touched by the story of her mother’s death and that she plans on donating her hair to Locks of Love. Kathleen and Kristin have been texting and have plans to meet up at the concert this upcoming Sunday at the Verizon Center.


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